Series 1 CLAMP-ON Procon Pump

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Series 1 CLAMP-ON Procon Pump Series 1 CLAMP-ON Procon Pump

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$ 115.00 $ 355.00

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  • Rotary Vane Procon pump
  • 3/8" Ports
  • Relief Pressure Max 250 PSI ("D" spring ranges from 30-59, "C" spring ranges from 60-99, "B" spring ranges from 100-150, and "A" spring ranges from 151-250) Default psi will be shipped if the psi is not entered prior to checkout.
  • Brass Construction With Filter Strainer
  • External Relief Not Required
  • By-Pass
  • 100 Mesh Filter
  • Built-In Relief Valve
  • 303 Stainless Steel Shaft
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101A100F11AA, 101B100F11BC, 101B060F11BC, 111A125F11AA, 111A125F11AA170, 101A100F11AA, 101A015F11BC, 101A015F11BD, 101A015F11BD050, 101A035F11AD, 101A070F11BA, 101A100F11AA, 101A100F11BB, 101A100F11BB110, 101A100F11BC, 101A100F11BC060, 101A100F11BC099, 101A110R11PA, 101A125F11BA, 101A125F11BD, 101A125F12GC, 101A125F12XX, 101A140F11AA250, 101A140R11AA175, 101A140R11AA250, 101A140R11AB130, 101A140R11AC080, 101A140R12BA250, 101B050F11XX, 101B100F11BA, 101B100F11BC, 101B110F11BC, 101C100F11BC, 101C100F11BC099, 101C100F11BC099, 101D100F11BD060, 101D100F11BD060, 111A035F11CC, 111A100F11AA250, 111A125F11AA250, 111A060F12CB, 101A140F11BB130, 101A035F11CA250, 101A035F11CA, CB1304XH, CO1321XD, CO51304M, CO1304, plus hundreds of models not listed. If you cannot find your model number listed please contact our office to verify your the series of your pump at 916-454-1445, we are happy to help!